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Core Park Program Areas
HPARD Traditional Park Programs

The Houston Parks and Recreation Department provides programs and recreational opportunities for people of all ages and abilities on a year-round basis.  There are youth, adult and seniors programming that will continue to be offered for our community.

  • Youth Summer Programs
  • Senior Citizen Programs
  • Pool Operations
  • Gym/Weight Room Operations

Designed to provide exposure to various aspects of the African American cultural experience, from dance to drumming, language, to history, art and literature. Our philosophy is that when a person has a strong self-identity, they see their own value and self-worth and are better able to relate to and value others.

Economic Empowerment

Designed to give families needed tools to help break the cycle of poverty. Classes will include budgeting workshops, financial planning, small business assistance, career development and others to equip families for financial growth.


Opportunities and programs will be designed based upon community need. Classes will include a variety of STEAM classes, GED preparation, SAT preparation, ESL, robotics, and creative writing, etc.

Environmental Stewardship

Programming will be designed to equip participants to become change agents in an effort to lessen their carbon footprint on earth. Poor communities and communities of color are most impacted by environmental pollution. These classes will be designed to empower residents to take positive actions to create change in their communities and develop environmentally friendly habits.

Family Stability

The focus will be on programming that will support and build the diversity of family structures that exist. There will be Parenting classes, Rites of Passage classes for young boys and girls, classes on keeping children safe on the internet, classes on mental health and wellness and many more based upon the identified needs of people in the community.

Health and Wellness

These classes will be designed to encourage individuals to become active participants in improving their health. There will be a variety of fitness and exercise classes, as well as classes on how to prepare healthy meals.